Causes and Treatment For Fever Blisters

Fever blisters are commonly known as cold sores, and can appear on your mouth before crusting over. Of of the signs of a fever blister is a tingling or burning before it develops on the surface of your skin. Fever blisters are a result of the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 or HSV-2), making them highly… Read more »

Diabetes and Dental Health

According to medical/dental research, there is a close relationship between diabetes and periodontal (gum) disease. Not surprising, chronically high blood sugar encourages bacteria in a compromised immune system to grow, including the millions of germs in your mouth. For this reason, if you have diabetes, it is extremely important to practice good oral health habits…. Read more »

Three Bad Habits That Put Your Smile at Risk

A healthy and beautiful smile is one of your most important features. While the average dental patient does a pretty good oral care routine, many also develop habits that can damage their teeth. Here in Hampton, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, our dental team encourage you to quit or avoid these three habits to lower… Read more »

Complete Your Smile Once Again With a Dental Bridge

Have you lost one or more teeth in one area of your smile? If so, we encourage you to consider your options for tooth replacement. Our dental team in Hampton, VA, or Hampton Roads, VA, may suggest that we replace your missing teeth with a custom-made dental bridge, which is an appliance made of one… Read more »

Four Possibilities of a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are immensely popular in the field of dentistry due to their versatility in restorative dental treatments here in Hampton, VA and Hampton Roads, VA. More specifically, dental crowns can protect, strengthen, replace, and improve damaged, weakened, and missing teeth. 1. Protecting Teeth Following root canal therapy or the removal or a large cavity,… Read more »

4 Important Steps of a Dental Checkup

If you are wondering why your dentist and the ADA encourage you to visit a dental office twice a year even if nothing seems wrong with your smile, we are glad you are reading this blog post! Here, we will discuss four steps we take during a dental check-up here in Hampton, VA and Hampton… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity Treatment

Tooth sensitivity is the worst. It’s hard to eat, drink, and accomplish daily functions. Unfortunately, there are many causes of tooth sensitivity. That’s why it’s important to seek dental advice as soon as possible. Worn or fractured tooth enamel, cavities, dental erosion due to acidic foods and beverages, an eating disorder or gastric reflux, or… Read more »

Repairing a Cavity with a Tooth-Colored Filling

Having a cavity is bad enough. But having a cavity where everyone can see it is even worse. To remedy this situation, you may want to talk with your dentist here in Hampton, VA, about tooth-colored, or composite fillings. Composite fillings are very popular. Not only do they bond directly to the surface of your… Read more »

Tips to Help Minimize Complications from Damaged Dental Work

Dental work like dental bridges, dental veneers, and dental crowns are typically created from durable materials that are intended to replicate the original durability of natural tooth enamel. However, they can still suffer chips and fractures from unnatural activities like grinding your teeth, or improvising your teeth to open a package. The damage to the… Read more »

Untreated Cavities Are a Common Cause of a Toothache

As dental caries progress, the growing cavity can allow tooth decay to penetrate beyond a tooth’s outer enamel layer. As this happens, the bacteria in your mouth can gain access to the sensitive dentin, pulp, and nerve of a tooth. Without professional dental treatment at our Hampton, VA, clinic, an untreated cavity can cause increasing… Read more »