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If you are concerned about your child’s thumbsucking habit and worry it may harm their smile, our team at Morrison Dental Group can help. Most children suck their thumbs when young, but you may need to intervene if the habit starts to affect their oral health.

Thumbsucking is a form of comfort for many young children, and they can naturally overcome the habit as they get older and become more conscious of socially acceptable behavior. However, if older children continue to suck their thumb and it is risking their oral development, you may need to help them stop with the following tactics:

– Use praise when you see your child make a conscious effort.
– Use a reward chart or some other method to track their progress.
– Cover the thumb with a glove, bandage or something with an unpleasant taste to encourage your child to keep their thumb out of their mouth.
– Because stress can lead to more thumbsucking, use positive reinforcement.
– Ask our team here in Hampton, and Hampton Roads, VA, about any additional ways to discourage thumbsucking.

Children should quit thumbsucking around the age of five or six so that it doesn’t make their front teeth jut out and change the position of the erupting permanent teeth, disrupting tooth alignment. Some children may need to receive corrective dental care if their oral development has been affected.

We invite you to contact our office at 757-850-2100 today to speak with our dentist about how to stop thumbsucking in Hampton, and Hampton Roads, VA.