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Are you considering purchasing an electric toothbrush but would like to learn more about this product? If so, our team at Morrison Dental Group in Hampton, and Hampton Roads, VA, is happy to provide further information about electric toothbrushes and whether they can provide efficacy and results in your smile that you are looking for. Before choosing a new toothbrush, we invite you to consider some important characteristics of electric toothbrushes.

You may find it helpful to choose a toothbrush that:

– Is sonic, delivering around 18,000 to 40,000 brush strokes each minute. This rapid speed of the brush can very effectively clean your teeth and provide a very fresh smile.

– Uses a pressure sensor so that you are instantly alerted anytime you start to apply too much pressure when brushing your teeth. This can protect your smile from accidental harm due to harsh tooth brushing, such as tooth enamel that is worn down and receding gums.

– Has a timer that notifies you when you have been brushing for two minutes. The recommended time for brushing teeth every day is important because insufficient brushing can lead to poor oral health.

To learn more about electric toothbrushes in Hampton, and Hampton Roads, VA, and to speak with our dentist about product recommendations, please contact our office at 757-850-2100 today for a consultation.