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Oral health risks can arise in several different ways. Although we often think of the microscopic damage that could be done to our teeth and gums via dental erosion and tooth decay, there are much easier to spot ailments that can be present in your day-to-day life that could be putting your smile at risk. Even the products you are consuming or the lifestyle habits you have can easily destroy your smile if you’re not careful. Another reason to visit your dentist here in Hampton, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA.

One of the biggest threats that individuals are left with is due to grinding teeth. There are several conditions in which you may grind your teeth while you sleep. If you are grinding your teeth while asleep, you are suffering from sleep bruxism. If left untreated, it can lead to damage to your tooth enamel, cracked and chipped teeth and even tooth loss.

A comment tooth hazard risk the individuals may not think of is by biting into products that are too hard. This can arise from chewing on ice or hard products such as cough drops. If the product looks hard enough to crack your teeth, it probably can crack your teeth. Even products that never caused you issues in the past may cause further problems in the future because your teeth wear down and weaken naturally over time.

If you are at risk due to tooth hazards in your life and you require the aid of a dentist in Hampton, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, our team at Morrison Dental Group can help you. If are in need of an oral exam from a dental professional, please set up an appointment to come see us at our dentist office. We can be reached at 757-850-2100, so call us today!