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Did you know, many adults lose their teeth, which can hinder the way they talk, chew, and smile? Well, it’s true! Your teeth are important, and dentures offer a way to restore your smile and oral health. Morrison Dental Group here in Hampton, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, cares for your oral health.

Here is a list we are excited to provide on how dentures can improve the quality of your life:

– Stability: Dentures can help provide bite stability for your dental profile.
– Denture Abrasion: Never use bleach, teeth whiteners or hot water on your dentures.
– Denture Benefits: Dentures can help restore lost functions associated with missing teeth.
– Strength: Dentures are strong and durable, but you will need to handle them with care outside of your mouth.
– Denture Cleaning: Always soak your dentures in a denture cleaning solution.
– Denture Storage: Always store your dentures in a liquid and never leave them sitting out, as they can dry out and crack.
– Denture Customization: Dentures are customizable to sit in your mouth for a comfortable fit.

As you can see, dentures have a lot of added benefits that can help restore your smile and give you a chance to talk and chew normally again. If you have questions about dentures and would like to talk to a professional, please call 757-850-2100 today to set up an appointment. Our team here in Hampton, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, looks forward to helping you restore your smile.