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Have you lost one or more teeth in one area of your smile? If so, we encourage you to consider your options for tooth replacement. Our dental team in Hampton, VA, or Hampton Roads, VA, may suggest that we replace your missing teeth with a custom-made dental bridge, which is an appliance made of one or more teeth fused to a dental crown on either end. When anchored in place, the dental bridge can complete your smile.

To help you determine if a dental bridge may be right for your smile, we have provided a list of the functions dental bridges perform:

  • Preserving your facial features, which can change and begin to sag after tooth loss
  • Replacing your missing teeth and thereby repairing your smile
  • Strengthening the force of your bite so that you can bite down and chew properly
  • Restoring your ability to talk properly and enunciate clearly
  • Preventing the surrounding natural teeth from drifting out of their appropriate positions, which could lead to changes in your bite and the need for orthodontic correction

If you have any questions about the process of receiving a dental bridge in Hampton, VA, or Hampton Roads, VA, or whether this service is right for you, please call Morrison Dental Group at 757-850-2100 today and schedule an appointment with our professional dental team. We look forward to helping you restore your smile!