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If you are wondering why your dentist and the ADA encourage you to visit a dental office twice a year even if nothing seems wrong with your smile, we are glad you are reading this blog post! Here, we will discuss four steps we take during a dental check-up here in Hampton, VA and Hampton Roads, VA, to protect your smile now and in the long run.

1. We take X-rays of your smile to screen for any developing tooth decay or gum disease that has not reached the surface.
2. The dental assistant and our dentist will examine your smile to analyze the health of your teeth, gums, soft tissues, and bite alignment.
3. Our Dentist recommends treatment if needed and provides you with a full review of your options so that we can create a customized treatment plan that fits your preferences.
4. Our dental hygienist performs a dental cleaning to remove any plaque and buildup between your teeth and under your gums that could contribute to a dental problem.

By taking these four steps, our dentist and dental team can detect, identify, and treat dental problems in their earliest stages, when damage and treatment are at their most minimal. We would love to tell you more about what you can expect during your next dental checkup in Hampton, VA and Hampton Roads, VA; please feel free to give Morrison Dental Group a call at 757-850-2100 today!