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As dental caries progress, the growing cavity can allow tooth decay to penetrate beyond a tooth’s outer enamel layer. As this happens, the bacteria in your mouth can gain access to the sensitive dentin, pulp, and nerve of a tooth. Without professional dental treatment at our Hampton, VA, clinic, an untreated cavity can cause increasing toothache discomfort. In time, it could even cause a dangerous dental abscess to develop deep within the underlying periodontal tissues.

If you are experiencing a toothache or a pain and pressure in the gums under a tooth with an untreated cavity, you need to seek timely dental care from our dentist professionals. If you delay in seeking treatment, a dangerous infection could potentially spread to your bloodstream.

Gently rubbing your gums with a topical oral anesthetic can help relieve some of the pain while you wait to see our team. Taking a normal dose of an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication can also help reduce toothache discomfort. Just remember that these are temporary measures to buy you some relief while you wait.

In many cases of a toothache caused by an untreated cavity, your dentist needs to perform a root canal. This will remove all the compromised tissue and restore enough structure to anchor a dental crown. If you live in the Hampton and Hampton Roads, VA, areas and you are suffering from a toothache, you should not delay in calling 757-850-2100 to have it treated and examined at Morrison Dental Group.